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World Cup could grow to 40 teams as Fifa unveils raft of reforms

FIFA has delayed a decision on whether to expand the World Cup to 40 teams, proposed as part of a package of reforms approved on Thursday.

The executive committee voted to get more women involved in decision-making, put term limits on senior officials, and publish their salaries.

Football's world governing body wants to be seen as "modern, trusted and professional" by December 2018.

But changing the World Cup format has been deferred pending a further study.

A proposed move to include 40 teams in the tournament from 2026 - up from the 32 that have taken part since 1998 - has been supported by Asia and African members.

However, a number of executive committee members, including England's David Gill, insisted the administration needed to provide a detailed report into the commercial and footballing implications before final approval is given.

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